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Global Specialists in New
and Used Machinery to the Corrugated Box Industry

At CMC INTL we take a consultative approach to fully understand the needs of our customers...


CMC Consulting Services

Advice & guidelines on buying and selling corrugated machinery

The CMC Solution

Often the hidden costs of buying and selling new and second hand machinery are not appreciated by the uninitiated, particularly on international transactions.

The control and knowledge of all the risks and costs reside in other people beyond your control. You often end up paying more than necessary and still get stuck with the problems. Heaven would be a poacher turned gamekeeper who would know every trick and employ this knowledge on your behalf. Thousands, probably tens, hundreds of thousands of dollars could be saved, not counting the time of your executives spent on fools' errands.

CMC has been formed for just such a task by Eric Findlay who has been buying and selling machinery and setting up new plants in over 90 countries for the past 36 years. Fed-up with the uncertainties and demands of manufacturing, buying and selling he has decided to put his knowledge and experience of all aspects of machinery acquisitions and sales at the disposal of the box manufacturer World Wide and turn the tables on the suppliers.

If you wish to take advantage of his experience and save time and money, contact us immediately you are ready, for more information. Based in the UK he is available to travel to any part of the world to assist in your progress and advise the most suitable strategy.

CMC have the answers.

Buying a machine?

Do you recognise the following?

  • Where do you start from or go to?
  • How do you know what the current value is?
  • Which company, source or dealer should you contact?
  • Is the same machine offered at different prices from different sources?
  • Does the same machine grow different features and specifications from different suppliers?
  • Do you arrive for inspection and find it is no longer available or as described?
  • Is your intermediary always changing his position?
  • Are the purchase terms unsustainable?
  • Who really has title to the machine and how does it transfer?
  • Is the machine that arrives the one you bought? Who are the best people to install?
  • Are you making a mistake?

Selling a machine?

Do you recognise the following?

  • How do you go about selling and maximising on your asset?
  • How do you establish its value? Will you get it in the current market?
  • How can you present it in the best possible way?
  • Can you trust your advisors?
  • Do the agents have a hidden agenda?
  • How can you control the sale?
  • How can you preserve title until you are paid?
  • What sales terms should you set?
  • Do you have the time to deal with it?
  • What is your competition in its sale?

It could cost you a fortune.


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