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Le Sheng


European suppliers of Le Sheng automatic die cutting machinery.

LI SHENG Machinery Co., Ltd is the first company to manufacture Automatic Flat Bed Die Cutter Machines in Taiwan.

For the past decade, they have developed die cutting machinery to compete on quality, accuracy and service with major European brands and already gained a sizeable foothold in Europe.

The die cutting machines have an extremely solid structure with the Main Diecutting block being constructed from 1 piece meaning that the accuracy and quality of the machine is maintained better throughout its life due to the decreased vibrational damage that can occur due to Diecut Sections being bolted together. They also have a unique feature of being able to disable the stripping section for short runs giving the machines ultimate flexability.

We are able to offer

  • 1450mm Automatic Diecutters with or without Stripping.
  • 1670mm Automatic Diecutters with or without Stripping.

Key Benefits of Le Sheng Diecutter machines

  • The stripping section can be disabled easily meaning no need for a stripping form for short order runs.
  • A solid Diecut Structure made from one piece in house on there own CNC Machines.
  • Cam Drive Gripper Bars to minimize vibration and maximize accuracy.
  • Pre-feeder Squaring section for improved accuracy.

For more information on Le Sheng die cutting machinery, please contact us.


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